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My go-to seasoning for beef, I use it on anything that I want to have a garlic flavor. Try it on hash browns, green beans, whatever. It is not as salty as other season-all products that I've tried. Next best thing to fresh garlic.
I also like the Cow Camp red seasoning for pork and chicken.

Amazon Review

Diane Jackson

I got this recommendation from a friend of mine and it is perfect. Not too salty perfect garlic flavor.

Amazon Review

Amelia E. Brown

...This spice is great! The garlic is sort of powdery but not quite…it has salt and parsley and I’m sure other spices; I love to use it to season my steak — add some lemon pepper as well, and it’s the best steak ever. Even if it sounds weird. Try it.
It’s also good on popcorn.

Amazon Review

Frankie Lucchesi

Can't Cook Without It!

I've been using this seasoning for 20 years! I highly recommend it!